Must See

The Island of Santorini, Greece is packed with a lot of great places where one can have a truly exciting adventure. If you are planning on visiting Santorini, make sure that you get all packed and prepared for the best things to do in the island. Here is a list of the best and most exciting things to see and activities to do in Santorini, Greece:

  1. Enjoy the Best Sunset Views of the Island. One of the most famous sunsets on the island is at the Oia Castle. Aside from this place, one can also enjoy spectacular views of the sunset in other places like Firostefani, Fira and Imerovigli. If you prefer one of a kind view of the sunset, you can visit the highest spot of the island at the Profitis Ilias. The Vlihada beach is another place where one can see the spectacular sun set with its fascinating volcanic scenery that changes color as the sun sets.
  2. Architecture Sites to Behold. The architecture of the island is really something one should see. In fact, one of the famous architecture sites would be the island's cave house or Yposkafo. This type of house was built by the people of Santorini for protection against gusty wind. Modern architects have developed these cave houses and turned these into modern as well as luxurious holiday resorts. This is definitely a great place to stay while in Santorini as you get to experience these unique accommodations.
  3. Historical Museums. Visiting the museums of the island is also another adventure one should not miss out One can truly understand the history of the island by visiting the Archeological museum and the Museum of the Prehistoric Thera. Both museums houses unique artifacts and art sculptures.
  4. Experience Time Travel at Akrotiri. Another thing to do in Satorini is to experience time travel in one of the best places in the island. Akrotiri has recently been opened to the public. This place showcases the prehistoric city where one can enjoy the high finesses and elegant mansions of the 17th century BC.
  5. Scuba Dive at Santorini's Waters. Scuba diving can definitely help one experience the unique and marvelous underwater world. The waters of Santorini truly have a lot of great things to view and one should not miss this experience.

These are some of the best things to do while visiting the Island of Santorini in Greece. With all the adventure sites and scenic views, one can definitely enjoy the place and cherish the moments experienced here.