Welcome to Santorini Island in Greece


Santorini Island is for lovers; lovers of natural beauty, lovers of fine cuisine, lovers of the ocean and lovers on their honeymoon. Santorini, above Athens, is the most visited destination in Greece, possibly because people from all over the world are drawn to the aura of romance surrounding the sea, cliffs, sunsets and even architecture. There's so much to enjoy on this slice of paradise, that you'll probably be calling the airlines for an extension.

Historic Villages

You've seen the gorgeous white architecture in magazines and guide books, but there's nothing like seeing Santorini's villages in person. You may land in Fira, the capital of the island and its main hub for transportation. While you're there, enjoy the views of Santorini's volcano and the famous Caldera.

Just a short drive northwest of Fira is Oia, a village you simply must see. The natural and man-made beauty of this village are what make it the most famous of all in Santorini. Oia is a quiet village with picturesque views that you'll never forget.

Stunning Beaches

You're always a short drive from something spectacular on Santorini Island. Take a dip in the hot waters of Red Beach, where the land is littered with black and red volcanic pebbles. Underwater is incredible snorkeling for the adventurous.

Because of its stunning cliffs and contrasting colors, Red Beach can get overly crowded. Honeymooners and visitors who just want a little more seclusion should head northeast of Fira to Cape Columbo. If you need money to visit Santorini you may apply for and get your cash fast. A narrow path leads you to a quiet beach with gorgeous rocks formed by the area's sometimes heavy wind and waves. Take a moment to enjoy a picnic in the shade of the red cliffs.

Endless Adventures

santorini island

You don't have to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy the adventures of Santorini Island. In fact, most of the area's most exciting features involve enjoying the natural beauty of the land and sea.

Don't miss out on Santorini's famous romantic sunsets. Enjoy a glass of wine and a decadent meal as the sun goes down, or hop aboard a sunset cruise on a traditional vessel.

Take a dip in Fira's hot springs overlooking the beauty of the volcano and caldera. Don't be afraid of the yellow water here, it contains tons of sulfur which is said to have healing properties. And remember to take photos of the gorgeous setting when you're done.

While horse-and-buggy rides may be characteristically romantic in fairytales, Santorini Island's donkey rides can be cultural, romantic and just plain fun. Ride on a donkey's back around the entire island to take in the sites in the most unique way possible. Donkeys are still used in traditional Santorini Island weddings, so don't be afraid to make it a couple's excursion.

Santorini Island is famous for countless reasons, and you'll never be able to experience the untouchable beauty, romance and adventure the area has to offer unless you see it for yourself.