Santorini is an island southeast of Greece located in the Aegean Sea. It is one of many Grecian islands and is the largest in the area. The location and the climate of the island is considered to be Mediterranean. At one point in history, Santorini and the nearby islands all made up one large, singular landmass. After one of the largest volcanic explosions in recorded history took place nearly 3,600 years ago, Santorini found itself as the largest island in the archipelago. Today thanks to the picturesque architecture, sunny beaches, and beautiful weather year-round, Santorini has become a very popular tourist destination the world over.

The weather in Santorini is not unlike the weather in mainland Greece. The summers are warm and tend to last from the beginning of June through October. This time of year tends to see very little rain and a lot of sun. During the summer months there is an average of nine to fourteen hours of sunshine per day. The warmer months see temperatures staying between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Santorini is located in the southern Aegean Sea kaufen levitra. The water surrounding these islands is ideal during the summer months as well. The average water temperature from June to October remains around 70 degrees. The warmest the sea gets is approximately 77 degrees and generally happens in the month of August.

The winter in Santorini typically lasts from December to early April and the weather is considered to be extremely mild. Even though the winter months are known to be the rainy months, the rain typically does not last for more than a few days in a row. The average for rainfall during this season is around three to four inches per month. The sky tends to remain clear for most of the time despite the fact that these are known to be the wet months. In the winter time the temperature stays between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

With days on end of sunshine and little to no rainfall, the best time to plan a visit to the island of Santorini is during the summer months from April to early October. With warm, sunny days and cool, breezy nights it is sure to make any trip worth it. Since there is little chance of rain ruining any plans it means that days can be full of swimming in the sea or walking around town.