Where To Stay...

If you are looking to experience the magic and wonder of Greece, look no further than Santorini Island. The island, also referred to as Thera, is located 120 miles (200 km) southeast from the coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea. The island boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes and seascapes of Greece, and with its dry, arid climate it is the perfect place to spend any summer holiday. Despite the island being only 28 sq. miles (73 sq. km), it has over 300 different hotels that include everything from 5 star luxury resorts, boutique hotels, guest houses, youth hostels and campsites.

Peak travel times in Santorini are from April to late September when the weather is best. Within these months it is best to make all hotel reservations in advance as the tourist season can be quite busy. The island is divided into 2 overall parts, the east side and the west side. The west side is the more popular side for tourists with cliff side hotels offering a spectacular view of the ocean. The east side has more affordable beach hotels that tend to offer more spacious rooms.

The three main towns on the island are Fira, Oia, and Kamari. The town of Fira, located on the west side, is the primary destination for island goers. Fira offers a good mix of all types of hotels. Luxury hotels such as Anteliz Suites and Aria Suites offer great views of the legendary sunset and honeymoon packages, while hotels such as Angel Studios and Gelatia Villas offer travelers a more family friendly and a less expensive option. The town of Oia is home to some of the more high end and exotic hotels on Santorini. The Canaves Hotel and the Katikies Hotel are both located in Oia and are famous for their luxurious design. Oia is also famous for its cave hotels. These hotel rooms are carved directly into the cliff and offer a unique experience for guests. Located on the Southeastern part of the island, Kamari offers much less expensive options than either Fira or Oia. Although Kamari also has resorts along its Black Sand Beaches, it is better known for its affordable guesthouses, youth hostels and camp grounds. For travelers looking to save money while visiting Santorini should search for lodging located farther inland.